At age 91, Mr Huber suffers from chronic pain for several decades related to
his old age and his physical condition. Always in the desire to try new ones
means to improve his health, he discusses the subject of the CBD molecule with his
little son, Matteo Gastaldi, himself a consumer and a convinced user of methods
natural medicinal products.
After consultation with professionals, decision is made to adopt a CBD cure of
two months. The goal? To palliate the physical disorders related to his old age. Benefits do not
did not wait. Chronic pain gradually fades and energy
come back. He regains almost regular physical activity and feels less adverse effects
of his chronic pain.
The subject of the grandfather and the CBD arrives one day on the table between Matteo and two friends
close, Nicolas and Florian. All 3 passionate entrepreneurs, they quickly realize
that this market is not structured and that the molecule is not exploited at its fair value.
All three having worked in the world of luxury, their idea is simple: to do the best
products possible at an affordable rate. They want to help and advise the customer in the
consumption to be able to reiterate beautiful stories such as that of Mr Huber. Their
qualifications are multiple and complementary, which brings them closer together? Their
professionalism and the taste for detail.
The problems of the CBD market are multiple: poor understanding of the product linked to
its cousin the THC, high tariffs, low quality products, and only rarely complying
the laws in force …
Their objective ? To overcome the dysfunction of the sector by making the CBD accessible to
all in all its forms, with a real value for money.
There follows a careful study leading to the birth of weazy.
Decision is made to associate with very influential people in the sector but
also experts and researchers, to be sure to deliver the best
quality possible. The production line is under control. Whether since production
from the plant, to the extraction of the molecule through the packaging and implementation
conditioning. Nothing is left to chance.
That’s how Weazy gets involved day after day in making you discover and appreciate the
CBD in your daily life.
Goal to which we attach greatest importance
we thank you for the trust you grant us
Team Weazy.