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The 4% CBD oil is the ideal solution for those who want to try CBD: a precise and basic intake of high quality CBD


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In order to discover and fully understand how to use CBD to profit from its benefits, 4% CBD oil is the most suitable formula.

WEAZY Laboratories uses exclusively CBD from very high 100% organic quality hemp : it is grown, in an ancestral way, in the European plains, in a totally natural way without using pesticides, chemical products and other non-natural fertilizers. Then, after being selected and processed, it is extracted using Supecritical CO2: the purest way to extract the actives ingredients from the plants.

In order to offer complete absorption and nutritional benefits (fatty acids, omegas, etc…), WEAZY 4% CBD oil combines organic olive oil from “Provence” with full spectrum CBD extract. In this way, you will benefit from the highest potency of hemp but also from the French organic olive oil. In order to allow the CBD to reinforce its action, this product contains a complete spectrum of cannabinoids: all the terpenes, flavonoids and of course cannabinoids (except THC) are preserved to provide a better synergy.

Thanks to its measuring bottle with dropper, it is very easy and convenient to use CBD oil: simply shake well your bottle, then delicately put the desired number of drops under your tongue. Wait about 30 seconds, then ingest it either with or without a glass of water.

Start with a small amount, between 1 to 3 drops of CBD, morning, noon and evening.  Each drop of CBD 4% WEAZY oil contains 2mg of CBD. Then increase or decrease your intake, depending on the desired effects.

Each of our products are analysed and controlled: on simple request, you will receive our chromatographic analyses, which show our percentages of cannabinoids and of course the absence of THC in each one of our products.

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