Work stress

If you are “stressed”, it means that you are restless; some will say “dissatisfied”. Stress can sometimes be beneficial though, as it provides us the necessary willpower to accomplish the most arduous tasks. Medications can help, but because of the many side effects they often cause, more and more people are turning to CBD to alleviate chronic stress. There are many reasons why people are stressed. According to the American Stress Institute, the main causes of stress are:
● Increase in workload
● Personal problems
● Difficulties managing work and personal life
● Lack of job security
What is chronic stress?
Chronic stress is classified as recurring stress that wears you day after day. In other words, it is a response against prolonged exposure to emotional pressure and involves an endocrine response in which the body releases corticosteroids. Longer working hours, increasing job expectations, and increasing financial obligations are some of the reasons chronic stress develops. What are the causes of chronic stress? It is a complex condition, because after one has suffered from it for so long, they can forget it’s there. In some cases, stress appears due to traumatic experiences in childhood that remain internalized forever. Particularly traumatic experiences can have a permanent impact.
How long does chronic stress last?

It can last forever if it is not treated, and lead to serious health problems, such as chronic depression. Unfortunately, many people never get the help they need.

What are the conventional treatments for chronic stress and their side effects?

Deciding to consult a professional is always an important step in the fight against chronic stress. However, too many patients rely on drugs without realizing they are just a palliative.

The most common drugs for chronic stress include:

– Prozac
– Celexa
– Sertraline
– Citalopram
– Paxil

Living with chronic stress

If you suffer from chronic stress, there is a danger of being prone to depression. Without the help of a professional, things can quickly get worse and lead to serious health problems such as heart attack, stroke and cancer. Fortunately, studies show that CBD is able to treat chronic stress without side effects.

The benefits of CBD oil capsules and CBD for the treatment of chronic stress

If you let chronic stress outweigh you, it will affect you both mentally and physically. Prolonged exposure to stress leads to depression. Chronic stress has a significant impact on our nervous system, in the same way that CBD molecules have an impact on the receptors. CBD can be a solution to this problem.

In 2009, a group of researchers studied and analyzed CBD and its ability to reduce anxiety. They found that cannabinoids actually activate serotonin receptors. This means that CBD is able to help people adapt to chronic stress.

Although THC strains are also able to fight chronic stress, they should be taken in lower dosages. Studies show that if consumed in high dosages, the anxiety level gets worse. Another problem with THC is that it is not easily available. In contrast, CBD, in specific forms, is readily available everywhere. Legislation is evolving in many countries. A revolution is underway.

Pharmaceutical drugs cannot alleviate chronic stress if not for a short time. Fortunately, CBD is accessible to all, thanks to recent legislative changes. There are now several ways to ingest this molecule. Weazy offers you a wide range of products in the form of drops, sprays, capsules or balsams for the skin. You will be able to live life in total freedom.

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